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    Begin each day with the best work ambience, great brews and an environment that breeds productivity. With flexible contract terms, whether in a shared space, a private office or a fully-customised floor, you will find the room to scale, and to be inspired.
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    Flexi Desk

    Ideal for team size 1 - 5
    Versatile solution for individuals and agile teams seeking freedom and flexibility.
    6500 CZK/MO
    15% OFF

    Fixed Desk

    Ideal for team size 1 - 10
    Enjoy the luxury of having your own dedicated workspace in an open office environment.
    7500 CZK/MO
    10% OFF

    Private Office

    Ideal for team size 2 - 40
    Premium workspace providing exclusive access to fully enclosed office.
    8500 CZK/MO

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