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    A private office is a premium workspace solution providing individuals or teams with exclusive access to a fully enclosed and lockable office space. Private offices are designed to offer privacy, concentration, and a professional setting for individuals or teams who require a dedicated and secluded workspace. Equipped with amenities like desks, chairs, storage, and often customizable layouts, private offices offer a conducive environment for focused work, team collaboration, and client meetings, while still benefiting from the community and networking opportunities within the coworking space.

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    The office you select is offered at a fixed price and comes with a designated number of memberships attached. For example, if you opt for a small private office suitable for a maximum headcount of 4, you can then have 4 people work out of the space. If you require additional space / memberships, our team will happily help you determine what the best options are for you.

    None whatsoever. Our pricing is transparent from the outset. We designed our member packages to provide maximum flexibility with total transparency. This means our basic offer is top-of-the-range. It includes 24/7 access; furnishings; refreshments; IT equipment (IP address, member and guest Wi-Fi, fully stocked printers/scanners/copiers, shredders, cabling); IT support (during specified hours); employee onboarding; members app for ease of communication, reservations, and billing; exclusive members and community events; exclusive members discounts among local businesses.

    Each Member package has a specified number of Meeting Room Credits per month, thereafter, meeting room reservations are charged at the rate stated in the Members App based upon the size of meeting room and duration of the reservation.

    Of course, if you want or need more services they can be provided; we will always tell you the cost of additional services beforehand and have it clearly stated in our membership agreement with you.

    We’ll find a workplace solution that means you can shape-shift your team to your business needs within Zenwork.

    The ground floor is staffed 24/7 with reception and security personnel. All commons areas have CCTV; all elevators and staircases are secured with magnetic card readers.

    If you have a guest coming to visit all they need to do is tap on the Zenwork Welcome Tablet at the ground floor reception desk and select your name; you will immediately receive a notification that you have a guest waiting in reception and you can greet them and guide them to your office space, one of our attractive breakout zones or to your reserved meeting room. It really couldn’t be simpler. Seamless, efficient, and secure, without a complicated registration process.

    Mail and package collection is the onus of the member; it is stored in reception, but it will not be delivered to your desk and the Zenwork team cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

    Mail and package handling is available to purchase as an add-on service.

    24/7/365 days a year access is standard.


    Tell us what you need. We will take care of the details.
    If you prefer, just come down for the day and have a coffee and a tour. We’ll be glad to show you our amazing space in person.

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